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I am a spiritual yogini with a unique style that is a creative blend of self-expression and discipline. My yoga journey began many years ago when I began taking bellydance classes. Fire dance illuminates my journey as an extension of these movements. This balance of dance with a passion for music nurtures my mind and body. I am certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga from the Savannah Yoga Center. A thirst for knowledge drives me to continually expand my practice through workshops, classes, and personal growth. I cultivate an artist’s vision of the world, one which isn’t sated until I can translate it and share it on stage or in the studio. I am also an upright bassist and singer/songwriter for the band “Box Crusher“. The majority of my dance costumes are designed and tailored at home. When the sun falls I dance in flames, one-half of a fire performance duo named Balefire¬†and when the music moves me, I am a bellydancer. google-site-verification: google28308b0c76af9909.html